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Through a growing network of partnerships and thanks to continued support from the ArcticNet Network Centre of Excellence, Inclusion in Northern Research (INR) is blazing new trails in collaborative northern research across Canada and beyond.

Linking across research teams from over 45 Canadian post-secondary institutions and Indigenous organizations INR works together with northern communities, research institutes, industry partners, governments, and international agencies to create a uniquely diverse approach to fostering inclusion in northern research through an arts and community-based participatory lens.

From Arviat, to Borups Corners, Rankin Inlet to Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Duluth and so many places and spaces in-between, the Inclusion in Northern Research initiative continues to grow this year. Learn more about how your institution and organization can support our grassroots, home-grown participatory research and community building.

Support Inclusion in Northern Research at the 2021 ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meetings

Hosted entirely online December 6 – 10, 2021, the ArcticNet Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 (ASM2021) is a hub for Arctic research in Canada. The ASM2021 brings together researchers from the natural, health, and social sciences to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing Arctic region, shaped by climate change and modernization. This conference will push the boundaries of our collective understanding of the Arctic and strengthen our ability to address the Arctic issues of today and tomorrow.

Supporting Inclusion in Northern Research at the ArcticNet 2021 Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM2021) is your opportunity to gain exposure and build relationships with hundreds of academic, northern, industry, and government leaders from across Canada and around the world.

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Support the Race And Systemic Bias Crosscutting Workshop for Arctic Science Summit Week 2022

Arctic science suffers from systemic biases that marginalize and exclude people who are Black, Indigenous, or from other under-represented minorities both in the Arctic region and around the world. During this workshop we will hear from speakers who have been impacted by these issues, and are working to eliminate them. Through breakout discussions we will provide actionable recommendations for IASC and the Arctic Sciences community to continue to tackle these issues. This workshop aims to work across working groups, as this issue affects all areas of Arctic Science.

This international interactive workshop will take place 26 March, during Arctic Science Summit Week 2022 in Tromsø, Norway. For more information on how you can support this initiative, contact: Dr. Marie-José-Naud (Université Laval) or Dr. Samantha Buzzard (University of Cardiff).

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Gamification engages our youth and community members with fun, friendly challenges where they can earn points and win prizes. These challenges are a great way to generate excitement and interaction in both the physical and virtual worlds.

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For more information on how your organization or institution can support the Inclusion in Northern Research Initiative and its participation in ASM2021, please contact: charlee.heath@uottawa.ca or marie-jose.Naud@vrr.ulaval.ca.