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Nanisiniq Arviat History Project (2010-2012)

Nanisiniq Arviat History Project

The Nanisiniq Arviat history project was an initiative launched by the Sivulinut Arviat Elders Society and the School of Social Work, University of British Columbia. From 2010-2012 the youth-driven oral history project interviewed more than 50 Inuit Elders and saw youth traveling from Nunavut to far-off places such as Durban, South Africa and Washington, D.C.

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Social media and emerging technologies meet traditional knowledge and cultural history
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Nanisiniq Arviat History Project Blog

Unequal exchange: western economic logic and Inuit/Qablunaat research relationships
Published online by Cambridge University Press:  13 December 2013
April Dutheil, Frank Tester and Jordan Konek