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Inclusion in Northern Research supports a small, but growing and tightly-interconnected community-based participatory research projects across Northern and Southern Canada. From northern and southern Canada and the United States to the UK and Norway, our partners and collaborators are working together across borders and boundaries to explore new pathways to equitable, diverse and inclusive participation in northern research.

Upcoming Conferences and Events 2021-2022

ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meetings 2021
(Virtual: Dec 6-10, 2021)

Join the Inclusion in Northern Research initiative for its second Vox Pops in Northern Inclusion Series. First presented during Arctic Change 2020 this grassroots, arts and science-focused collective explores what it means to feel included in the Arctic sciences and research communities. In addition to their annual three-part series after each day’s opening plenary session, the team will host a National Town Hall Session on Breaking the Barriers.

Join them from December 6-10 at the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meetings!

Arctic Science Summit Week 2022: Race and Systemic Bias Crosscutting Workshop
(Hybrid: Mar 26, 2022, Tromsø, Norway)

Arctic science suffers from systemic biases that marginalize and exclude people who are Black, Indigenous, or from other under-represented minorities both in the Arctic region and around the world. During this workshop we will hear from speakers who have been impacted by these issues, and are working to eliminate them. Through breakout discussions we will provide actionable recommendations for IASC and the Arctic Sciences community to continue to tackle these issues. This workshop aims to work across working groups, as this issue affects all areas of Arctic Science.

This international interactive workshop will take place 26 March, during Arctic Science Summit Week 2022 in Tromsø, Norway. We thank the International Arctic Science Committee for their support.

2020-2022 Projects

An Arctic Science Series: an inspiring northern educational experience

This project aims to spark interest in northern sciences by engaging youth in hands-on science activities while providing media training to produce an educational production on Arctic science topics aimed at schools across Canada. Working in partnership with northern scientists from the ArcticNet network, the 5-7 youth participants from three northern communities will be involved in the production of a show on those Arctic topics, learn about media, science communication, filmmaking, co-develop the storyline, learn from, and interview scientists in the field.

The 22min feature show will be aimed at students across the country featuring the community, their connection to the Arctic topic featured, and the science from the field. Including a series of learning modules following the STEM principles, the show will engage students in hands-on activities on Arctic science from a northern youth perspective. Funding will support the development and co-production of educational content while providing a hands-on experience to northern youth. We thank the ArcticNet Network Centre of Excellence and the University of Victoria Community Based Research Lab for their support.

Indigenous Digital Arts And Culture Incubator

Research has shown that in the remote Arctic, a community entrepreneurship approach is needed. Traditional local knowledge informs the primary framework for the development and delivery of IdERC entrepreneurship curricula. Modules on digital tools for business development are designed in consultation with communities, linking desired content directly to local traditions and economic needs.

This research enhances efforts in community entrepreneurship education and provides it in-person delivered by local instructors and synchronously online through teleconferencing infrastructure to an expanded set of Arctic communities. Ultimately, participants connect to larger markets through IdERC institutional partnerships. We thank the Arctic Buying Company, University of Minnesota Cultural Entrepreneurship program and the US National Science Foundation for their support.

How you can support

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Digital Incubator for Cultural Entrepreneurship in Winnipeg, Manitoba