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A great many people and organizations came together to support the Inclusion in Northern Research initiative for Arctic Change 2020. We thank them for their kindness, encouragement and support in making this incredible initiative possible.

Alanna O’Donnell
Alyssa Carpenter
Amber-Joy Gruben
Amy Lacroix
Arviat Film Society
Bryan Fotheringham
Cassidy Lennie Ipana
Catherine A. Gagnon
Christina Jenness
Dr. Christine Barnard, PhD
Clara Calosi
Clare Daitch
Cliff Caners
Cynthia Guyer
Daphné Trottier
Dr. Andrea Breen, PhD
Dr. Aparna Katre, PhD
Dr. Catherine Girard, PhD
Dr. Donna May Kimmaliarjuk, MD
Dr. Emily Choy, PhD
Dr. Marie-José Naud, PhD
Ethan Tassiuk
Eva Suluk
Florence Migneault
Gerry Kusugak
Giovanna Mingarelli
Global Dignity
Grant Zazula
Heather Desserud
Jamie Bell
Jasmine Ruben
Jeff Saarela
Jennifer Doubt
Jennifer Oolooyuk
Katalina St. Germain
Kathryn Caners
Kendall Suluk
Kendra Tingmiak
Keshah Austin
KJ Allen
Laura Grant
Laura Tassiuk

Lucia Calosi
Lucy Eetak
Marc-André Ducharme
Marie-France Gévry
Marley Tatty
Martin Fortier
Mary Ellen Thomas
Masha-May Fotheringham
Mataya Gillis
McGill University
Melody Schreiber
Michael Kusugak
Mike Irvine
Morgane Calosi
Morris Hayes
Nellie Kusugak
Noel Alfonso
Dr. Olaf Kuhlke, PhD
Pangiq Porter
Pascale Ropars
Patrick Lacerte
Paul Eetak
Paul Sokoloff
Poisey Alogut
Polar impact
Remi Lemieux
Rt. Honourable David Johnston
Rt. Honourable Justin Trudeau
Sherri Branscombe
Suzanne Chew
Tara Baswani
Tara Tootoo Fotheringham
Terry Godwaldt
Tony Eetak
Tootoo Fotheringham
Troy McMullin
Tyra Cockney-Goose
Willow Allen