Day 1 of the Arctic Change 2020 Vox Pops in Northern inclusion is now available online for viewing on Isuma TV.

The Inclusion in Northern Research Project was developed through the course of these past two years and premiered at the ArcticNet Arctic Change 2020 virtual meetings. Our initiative began with the creation of videos highlighting the varied journeys of our colleagues, and grew into an online discussion that included over 1000 people in more than 40 countries, starting important conversations about inclusion in our research community in a safe and open space.

This initiative will continue through the year ahead with a series of video dialogues on important topics on Inclusion within the northern research community. Join us this December for the 2021 ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meetings.

By Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell is an interdisciplinary artist and community based researcher, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He enjoys working on collaborative projects that link communities, encourage cross-cultural connections and learning.