Norway: International Arctic Science Committee funds joint Race and Systemic Bias Workshop for ASSW2022

The International Arctic Science Committee has awarded funding towards a special race and systemic bias in Arctic sciences cross cutting workshop for Arctic Science Summit Week 2022 in Tromsø, Norway next year.

The news comes after a highly-successful joint session titled “Towards an Inclusive Arctic Research Community” held in partnership with Cardiff University and the UK British Antarctic Survey, the US Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) and the University of Alberta for Arctic Science Summit Week 2021, virtually from Lisbon, Portugal, March 19, 2021.

As a result of this joint Canada, UK and US session, the groups were successful in advocating for funding towards a Race and Systemic Bias in Arctic Sciences Crosscutting Workshop to be held during Arctic Science Summit Week 2022. The International Arctic Science Committee awarded a total of 12,381 Euros from the IASC Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Marine, Social & Human, and Terrestrial Working Groups.

Arctic science suffers from systemic biases that marginalize and exclude people who are Black, Indigenous, or from other under-represented minorities both in the Arctic region and around the world. During this workshop we will hear from speakers who have been impacted by these issues, and are working to eliminate them.

Through breakout discussions the international workshop will provide actionable recommendations for IASC and the Arctic Sciences community to continue to tackle these issues. This workshop will work with and across multiple IASC working groups, as this issue affects all areas of Arctic Science.

Specific feedback from the IASC Working Groups in awarding funding for this international, collaborative workshop included:

  • IASC Atmosphere Working Group (AWG): “We would like to encourage an AWG member to engage fully with development of the workshop.”
  • Cryosphere Working Group (CWG): “Very important topic and good plan. Funding would support the attendance of Early Career Researchers (ECRs), Indigenous participants, and experts at a workshop for ASSW2022.”
  • Marine Working Group (MWG): “A very good and unique proposal.”
  • Social and Human Working Group (SHWG): “This is a timely initiative, and SHWG believes the workshop would be a valuable asset. Long-term legacy of the project is clearly demonstrated.”
  • Terrestrial Working Group (TWG): “A timely and clearly important topic spanning all IASC working groups.”

Arctic Science Summit Week will take place in Tromsø , Norway, 29 – 31 March 2022. For more information on this prestigious international event, visit their web site at:

Watch Vox Pop in Northern Inclusion IV from Lisbon, Portugal and Arctic Science Summit Week:

Inclusion in Northern Research premiered during Arctic Change 2020 with the grassroots creation and curation of stories and conversations highlighting diverse and varied journeys in northern research. In less than six months the project evolved into a global online discussion engaging more than 1,000 people in more than 35 countries.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Samantha (Sammie) Buzzard, PhD (she/her)
Lecturer in Climate Science
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Cardiff University

Dr. Marie-José (MJ) Naud, PhD (she/her)
Conseillère en équité, diversité et inclusion (ÉDI)
Vice-rectorat à la recherche, à la création et à l’innovation
Bureau de l’ÉDI (VREDIRH)
Université Laval