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How to Submit

Thank you for your interest in submitting your story to Inclusion in Northern Research!  The questions below are a starting point for discussions on inclusion within our community, but please feel free to speak your mind on what inclusion in northern research means to you. 

If you are submitting a video or an audio recording, please record a your 30 second response using whatever software you might have handy. Text, visual arts, and other free-form submissions are welcomed. 

For more information on how you can prepare and pre-record a submission, ArcticNet has created a video with some great tips and instructions. Click here to learn more.

Your completed submission can be sent in here.

Questions for submissions

  1. Why is inclusion in northern research important to you?
  2. What barriers to inclusion have you felt in northern research?
  3. Are there groups, events or individuals who helped you feel more included in northern research?
  4. What would enhance your sense of belonging or well-being within the northern research community?
  5. What road led you here? What was your journey to northern/polar research like?
  6. Any reflection/experiences you’ve had regarding inclusion in northern research you’d like to share?
  7. How do you see yourself within the northern research community, and/or, how would you like others to see you within the northern research community?
  8. What is a scientist/researcher to you?
  9. Can you describe a relationship between a scientist and community member (or community)? Can you give examples of what has gone right or wrong?
  10. Do you have any advice/words of encouragement you’d like to share with early career researchers, particularly from underrepresented groups, who may be interested in Arctic science?
  11. Do you have role models in northern research? What types of role models do you wish you had ?
  12. What changes would you like to see to make Arctic research more accessible and inclusive?
  13. Are you planning on staying in this research community? If yes, what sort of roles would you like to play in future northern research?

Need some support?

We recognize opening up and sharing on personal journeys may be emotionally difficult so we have put together a list of support resources from across Canada here.

If you or someone you know is interested in making a submission but are unsure how to do it, our team will be more than happy to help facilitate your submission. Contact us here.