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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Recommended research and reading resources for equity, diversity and inclusion in Northern research include:

Research and Reconciliation – Unsettling Ways of Knowing Through Indigenous Relationships
Edited by: Shawn Wilson, Andrea V. Breen, Lindsay Dupré

The Equity Myth: Racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian Universities.
Frances Henry, Enakshi Dua, Carl E. James, Audrey Kobayashi, Peter Li, Howard Ramos, and Malinda s. Smith.

Inclusive Equality: The Relational Dimensions Of Systemic Discrimination In Canada
Colleen Sheppard

Social Isolation and its Relationship to Multidimensional Poverty
Samuel, K., Alkire, S., Hammock, J., Mills, C., and Zavaleta, D.

Disability and Campus Dynamics, HE 154 1st Edition
Wendy Harbour

White Fragility
Robin D’Angelo