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ASSW2021 Vox Pops: Lisbon

Following on from IASC’s 2020 Statement on Tackling Racism and Systemic Bias, acknowledging that ‘Arctic science still suffers from systemic bias that marginalizes and excludes people who are Black, Indigenous, or from other under-represented minorities in the Arctic region and around the world’, this panel session aims to discuss these issues facing our community, and also some practical solutions that are being taken to tackle them. Through hearing from speakers in an interactive discussion, the session aims to foster future efforts to help make our community more inclusive.

The panel is intended to start a discussion across disciplines that will be further built on during a workshop at the ASSW 2022 aiming to provide specific recommendations and actions for IASC and other Arctic research organizations as well as the Arctic research community in general. 

The panel is being organized in cooperation with the #InclusiveNorth – the Inclusion in Northern Research Project’s session following immediately afterwards in the ASSW 2021 program and we encourage participants to attend both sessions.