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New Guidelines for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


A first version of this document was prepared by Kelly Nolan, a seasoned expert in strategic affairs and organizational equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) training and strategies. Kelly consults with executives and boards on developing targeted EDI strategies in academia, and science, technology, engineering and computing sectors. Her clients include research and government institutions, corporations and global initiatives.

Kelly develops targeted programs to improve gender equity and engage and retain diverse talent pools for a variety of industrial sectors. She specializes in organizational equity frameworks, training, assessment, and business development for external and internal relations for complex evidence-based, multi-stakeholder research organizations. A regular conference presenter, Kelly has chaired diversity and workforce development streams for several technical and scientific conferences in Canada, the United States and Europe. She served as co-chair for Women in High Performance Computing for four years and developed a number of international programs and initiatives. She offers strategic advice to several national gender-based and mission driven organizations including Informed Opinions and Women in Communications and Technology.

Numerous ArcticNet members participated in surveys and interviews which informed the first versions of this strategy. The strategy then benefitted from the generous input of an external committee who constructively criticized and built on previous versions of this document. This committee is composed of Indigenous People, elders, youth, consultants, and researchers.

ArcticNet wishes to sincerely thank everyone involved in the process, and to encourage its members and partners to improve this evolving document by sending their concerns and ideas to